Welcome!!! My name is Anna and I would love to be your NJ Chemistry tutor.

I have cum laude Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Cornell University, have completed 1.5 years of graduate coursework in Chemistry at Princeton University, and am certified to teach Chemistry and Physical Sciences by NJ Department of Education. My score for GRE in Chemistry is 750 and my score for GRE in Math is 790. My GPA at Cornell is 3.50 and at Princeton it is 3.34.
"If you are looking for high quality one-on-one tutoring in Chemistry, you’ve come to the right place. With preparation from two Ivy League Universities, Cornell & Princeton, I will teach you the basics of Chemistry tailored to your unique level and needs."


Princeton University
Chemistry, 3.34
2011 – 2013
Princeton Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering

Cornell University
BS, cum laude, Chemistry, 3.50
2000 – 2004
Cum Laude Award in Chemistry (2004) 
Dean’s List (2001)
John McMullen Dean’s Scholarship (2000)
Major Ralph M. Buffington Scholarship (2000),
Educational Testing Services Recognition of Excellence (2009)
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (2004)
National Advanced Placement Scholar (2000) 
Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement Scholarship (2000) 
NYC Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Achievement (2000)
Activities and Societies: Tradition Fellow (2000-2004), Red Carpet Society (2001)

"One-on-one learning experience with the passionate scholar of Chemistry. I will show you my methods and strategies of conquering the field of Chemistry. I am extremely detailed in showing my work and explaining every step. "Your goals of excelling in Chemistry will become a reality."
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Please contact me with your specific requests, and I will contact you for a quick consultation.

Excellent Chemistry and Math Tutor is available for tutoring in-home or at a mutually agreeable location within a 6-mile radius of Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536. I have cum laude Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Cornell University and have completed 1.5 years of graduate coursework in Chemistry at Princeton University. I am certified as a Teacher of Chemistry and Physical Science by NJ Department of Education.

I tutor High School and College Chemistry, including Regular, Honors and AP Chemistry, as well as physics and math. I also prepare my students for AP Chemistry Exam and SAT Subject Test in Chemistry

Rates quoted within the 6 mile radius of Plainsboro, NJ.

I love teaching Chemistry and inspiring young scientific minds.
Here is why you will enormously benefit from my lessons:

1.  My education is superb. Check out who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner, BOTH of whom are CORNELL Alumni. I was taught by the colleagues of these Nobel Prize Laureates, distinguished Professors of Chemistry at Cornell University, among which was Professor Roald Hoffmann, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981.


2.  I consider your individual level and needs when presenting Chemistry material.

3.  You won’t have to sift through your Chemistry textbook, spend hours figuring out long chapters, and end up reading the material that isn’t important. I have already done that for you. I have read all the important books and textbooks through my years of experience and preparation, and will only teach you what is important. I will tie all of the topics together and will make sense out of clutter of information.

4.  Our lessons will be dynamic and I will ask many questions, provide plenty of examples and present problems for practice. As I will learn more about your level, I will adjust my lesson to compensate for the knowledge that’s lacking. I will teach you what comes up often on the tests (AP, SAT) and what is central to Chemistry.

5.  I have taken many Chemistry exams in my life (SAT, AP, GRE) and will structure my lessons to target specific questions that come up again and again.

6. As a teacher I have teaching materials that include past tests, quizzes and homework and classroom assignments. I provide these materials for practice during our lessons.

Contact me via the form on this website and I will teach you what I know the best - Chemistry!!!
Here are some tips on how to ace your chemistry class (with a little help)

Some Frequently Asked Chemistry Questions For West Windsor NJ:

FAQ: Do I need a tutor? 
A: If you are greatly struggling in the class, then a tutor is definitely the fastest and most convenient way to get better. They will hone in on the spots that are giving you the most difficulty and get you the fastest results. Even if you are only struggling a little bit or have some spots you feel like you are weak in, you might still want to consider a tutor. For the same reasons as above, sitting down with an expert will be the best way to learn this material quickly.

FAQ: What type of tutor should I get? 
A: That all depends on you. Some students do better with someone close to their age because they relate better. Others want someone older because they are usually more experienced and will be more of a mentor (and less of a friend). Some students want a chemistry tutor who is currently teaching the subject. Others don't care and just wants someone who knows their stuff. Figure out what you want in a tutor and go for it.  

FAQ: What are the biggest difference between live and online tutors?
A: Live tutors meet you wherever you want and teach you chemistry. They are good because they are right in front of you and can show you things quickly. It is also easier to show them the topics that you are having problems with since you are right in front of them. Online chemistry tutors are good because they are usually more flexible than live tutors, they are sometimes more experienced (especially if you are in a rural area), and you can meet them from your computer in the comfort of your own home. Prices are comparable, with online tutors sometimes being a bit more expensive.  

FAQ: How the heck do I succeed at chemistry?
A: First, learn the language. It is a big deal to learn the vocabulary. If you are struggling to translate what your instructor just said, you will never be able to learn the material, since that teacher has already moved on to the next topic by the time you deciphered the last thought. It is really difficult. It gets easier when you know the language. Next, you need to learn the basics of your course. Whether you are in high school or college, general or organic chemistry, you need to know the basic tenets of the course COLD. Next, practice, practice, practice. Flashcards are awesome for this. Some people like making their own flashcards so you learn the material as you make them. Others like professional flashcards (either physical or online) because the person who made them is a master of the course and (probably) made a really good set of flash cards. 

FAQ: Why is chemistry so hard? 
A: First of all, let's just say it. CHEMISTRY IS HARD. If it wasn't hard, it would be called biology (SLAM! Eat that, Edward Jenner). First of all, you need to learn the language of chemistry, which really is like learning a foreign language. Next, you need to learn concepts on molecules that you can't see. It is much harder to learn something when you can't hold it in your hand or see it. Next, science does not come naturally to all of us. AND, some of the teachers are really bad at teaching science (ever heard someone say "that's just the way it is" because they can't explain it?) We can't change that. But we can find easier ways to learn it. Tutors are that way.

FAQ: Do I really need to be good at chemistry? 
That depends, where are you going in life? If you are going to college and are going to be a science or Pre-med major, the answer is a very loud YES. Some say physics is the central science, but we think that it is actually chemistry. Biochemistry, biology, and all of the other chemistries revolve around high school, "freshman" or general chemistry. It is a must, and you must actually know it, not just memorize it. If you are going to be a lit major, a totally non-science major, or aren't going to college, chemistry is much less of a necessity, but still something you should have some understanding of for everyday life. There are times in life you can fall back on your chemistry knowledge in real life such as when using pH, acid/base, or even food chemistry.  
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